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Erin Gibney Shares Acoustic Rendition of Yearning 'Easy Like That' [Premiere]


On "Easy Like That," Nashville based singer-songwriter Erin Gibney looks back on a first love with the wisdom that only comes from heartbreak and healing. Today, Gibney shares an acoustic version of the 2021 song.

This song is about the summer after I left high school. During that time, my friends and their significant others were breaking up, all while I was just entering into a new relationship," Gibney tells Wide Open Country. "I remember wondering how I would feel in their situation and what the future would look like if the new relationship I was in were to end. The lyrics tell the story of me imagining that scenario and draws inspiration from the breakups my friends had experienced."

Gibney says she hopes listeners find solace in the song and its depiction of first love.

"I want people to hear this song and feel understood when they listen to it," she says. "It is a hard and complicated thing to move on from your first love, and I want listeners to know that it's okay to have moments when you revisit those memories. I think the theme in this song is really universal so I want people to feel like they are not alone in the feelings they are having."


Listen to "Easy Like That (Acoustic)" below.

Gibney's music has gained a devoted following on TikTok, where she has nearly 40,000 followers. In addition to her music, the Connecticut-raised artist also shares sewing, crafting, and cooking videos.

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