Eric Paslay Praises Unsung Heroes in New Single, ‘Angels in This Town’

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Eric Paslay talks miracles in his new single, “Angels In This Town.” The upbeat track explores the moments when something truly special happens — and the unsung heroes who are usually behind those moments.

The song has all the production trappings of a big radio tune. But, it still manages to capture that sense of depth and sincerity that makes Paslay a compelling artist and writer. It might not be as emotional as the Texan’s breakthrough song, “She Don’t Love You,” but it has promise.

“Angels In This Town” starts with the description of a “Hail Mary touchdown” and quickly dives into more serious moments that seem unexplainable. Paslay says the significance for him is palpable.

“You don’t need God to do miraculous things to help people,” Paslay tells Sounds Like Nashville. “It’s like you have hands and a heart and you can help people, like with Habitat for Humanity and all kinds of cool things from police officers and EMS and firefighters; people that everyday are angels in people’s lives that help in really bad situations. It’s kinda just a song to make people look at that, make people not afraid to look at it and go, ‘Oh wow! There really is some special stuff going on.’”

In the spirit of the new tune, Paslay says he wants to put his money where his mouth is. He wants to use the song as a vehicle for those little miracles. “We’re really excited and we’re gonna get to do a lot of really cool helpful things and hopefully encourage everybody to do something in their community to help people out and it’s mainly to encourage people to help,” Paslay says.

The song is another sneak peak of his upcoming sophomore album Dressed In Black. In addition, Paslay released “High Class” earlier this year. Check out the track listing and his co-writers for the album below.

1. “Angels In This Town” (Eric Paslay, Corey Crowder, Erik Dylan)
2. “All Or Nothin’” (Paslay, Skip Black, Matt Nolen)
3. “Takin’ My Heartbeat Higher” (Paslay, Sarah Buxton, Zach Crowell)
4. “High Class” (Paslay, Corey Crowder, Jesse Frasure)
5. “Dressed In Black” (Paslay, Ross Copperman, Jaren Johnston)
6. “Let You In My Heart” (Paslay, Dylan Altman)
7. “Pretty Girl Fly” (Paslay, Copperman, Jon Nite)
8. “Backstage Pass” (Paslay, Jessi Alexander, Liz Rose)
9. “Fall Apart” (Paslay, Natalie Hemby)
10. “Water Into Wine” (Paslay, Tom Shapiro, Neil Thrasher)
11. “Sun” (Paslay, Nathan Chapman)
12. “Wild And Young” (Paslay, Chris Wallin)

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Eric Paslay Praises Unsung Heroes in New Single, ‘Angels in This Town’