See Eric Church’s Unreleased Music Video for ‘Sinners Like Me’

Lorie Liebig

Eric Church‘s first major label album, Sinners Like Me, came out 10 years ago. Released on July 18th, 2006, Church’s debut featured a number of fan-favorite tunes. And though he didn’t get a No. 1 off the album, he did land 43 top-20 singles.

Church also released the title track “Sinners Like Me” to radio. On the album’s 10th anniversary, the country star revealed he actually made a music video for the song, too. He just never released it.

Until now.

Church went deep into the vault to share the unreleased music video for “Sinners Like Me.”
It’s a very cool look back at Church in a younger time, before he wore his famous sunglasses.

The video features live footage from tour, with a younger, hairier Church and his band playing to rabid fans out on the road. The crowd sings along, holding up their “Sinners Like Me” themed signs. One particularly clever (or raunchy, depending on how you look at it) sign read: “Sinners Like Me + Guys Like You = Two Pink Lines,” a reference to another Eric Church tune.

Be sure to also look for the woman with the “ECB” tattoo on her arm, a reference to when Church was going by the name Eric Church Band.

It’s pretty cool to see Church’s growth over the last 10 years. He famously got the boot from the Rascal Flatts tour two years after his debut for playing too long and too loud. That led to a young Taylor Swift getting the opening spot.

Church told Swift at the time that she’d be great for the crowd and she owed him her first gold record. She obliged, sending him a gold record with the note thanking him for playing too long and too loud.

But that bad boy attitude helped Church in the long run. His follow-up album, Carolina, was a hit, and his third album, Chief, catapulted him into country superstardom.

Church is currently on the road in support of his fifth studio album, the critically acclaimed Mr. Misunderstood.

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See Eric Church’s Unreleased Music Video for ‘Sinners Like Me’