Eric Church Totally Gets Taylor Swift's New Direction

The country star likes to push the limits of his music beyond the traditional country sound.

Eric Church is not interested in sticking with one musical direction. As evident by his discography, he likes to explore new ideas and new sounds. His latest album, The Outsiders, is certainly a departure from his first few albums.

Church can definitely identify with the direction Taylor Swift took with her latest album, 1989. He recently told Rolling Stone, "I thought that what she did with the pop album was the most brilliant thing. And I totally get why she did it -- it completely and totally makes everybody out there go, 'What the hell is next?'"

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Church and Swift are not alone in their desire to switch up their sounds. Bob Dylan caused a ruckus when he switched to electric guitar and a decidedly more rock sound. Blondie took a lot of flack when they veered away from their punk roots and explored disco. U2 have changed their sound various times since the band came together as teenagers.

Music is supposed to evolve. It keeps the artists from becoming bored, and it keeps fans on their toes. Perhaps Church will do something entirely different on his next album.

Church is currently on tour and will perform alongside George Strait and Reba McEntire at the 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards on April 19.

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Eric Church Totally Gets Taylor Swift's New Direction