Eric Church Sues Over Bootleg Merchandise

The country superstar has had it with bootleggers.

Eric Church recently filed a federal lawsuit to get an injunction against vendors to stop them from selling unlicensed t-shirts and other merchandise outside his shows.

Selling bootleg merchandise is not a new practice. Vendors sell unlicensed items, which are typically of inferior quality, at concerts and sporting events across the country. This act is illegal, due to copyright protections on intellectual property, including images, names, and logos.

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Many artists simply ignore the practice, because lawsuits are time consuming and expensive.

The injunction Church seeks would make it much easier to arrest the vendors. The lawsuit lists “John and Jane Doe” as defendants, so he obviously aims to stop all vendors, not just a specific one.

Church has previously wrangled with outside vendors. In 2014, he fought back against ticket scalpers trying to turn a profit by purchasing tickets to his shows and reselling them at a significantly higher price. He canceled those tickets and sold them directly to fans at face value.

Church continues his Outsiders World Tour through 2015 and will perform alongside George Strait, Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert at the 50th Academy of Country Music awards show in April. He is nominated for four awards, including Male Vocalist of the Year.

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Eric Church Sues Over Bootleg Merchandise