Eric Church Shows He’s Having A ‘Record Year’ In New Music Video

Screengrab via YouTube

If one artist can feel comfortable celebrating a record year, it is Eric Church. The Universal Music Group Nashville artist has enjoyed massive tour success, award wins, and platinum album sales throughout his career, solidifying his place in country music history.

Now, Church has released the music video to his appropriately-titled single “Record Year,” the clever tune about spinning vinyls and enjoying some classic hits in the wake of heartbreak.

Directed by Mr. Misunderstood video directors, John Peets and Reid Long, the “Record Year” production takes place in a schoolhouse where Church can be seen performing with his band. While Church sings and clutches some of his favorite records as he loses himself in the music, McKinley James, a past Church video star, creates an audio wave with different sized vinyls. The clip climaxes into the moment he completes the project with the closing notes of the rising hit song.

Church’s “Record Year” marks the second single off his critically acclaimed album Mr. Misunderstood and boasts the names of some of music’s finest: Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, James Brown, and John Lee Hooker. The song was penned by Church and Jeff Hyde (“Springsteen,” “Smoke A Little Smoke”), a multi-instrumentalist member of Church’s band and award-winning songwriter.

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Eric Church Shows He’s Having A ‘Record Year’ In New Music Video