Eric Church Says America's Political System is 'Broken'

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Eric Church is one of the most outspoken and bold singers in the country music industry. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Church talks about the timely release of his new single, "Kill A Word," from his latest album, Mr. Misunderstood. The musician also opens up about his political views and opinions on Donald Trump.

Church explains that he didn't plan on "Kill A Word" being his next single. Instead, he simply felt like it was the right time to put out to the masses.

"I would feel disingenuous after writing the song, being a part of the song, to not put the song out at this time, with all the stuff that is going on: socially, police, politically," Church explained. "I mean, God almighty hell, the whole world. I've never had a song that felt more meaningful and relevant than this one."

While Church admits that he isn't as into politics as his wife, he still has some strong opinions about the state of the world and our presidential hopefules. Church expresses a similar sentiment as many Americans, saying, "We have a broken political system. It's been broken a while. And there is a lot of anger."

And while he acknowledges discontent in America, he also asserts that violence is not the answer. "At the end of the day, we all have to get along," he shares. "I don't care what your belief is - we can't kill each other."

So, what does he think of Donald Trump? He doesn't necessarily endorse the mogul, but he does understand why his campaign has been so successful. Church feels like Trump is tapping into the anger and angst that Americans are feeling toward the broken system.

Yet he doesn't think it's something that a president alone can fix. The singer believes we have to fix the "lower floor" first, saying, "To me, the most powerful people in this country, politically, are mayors."

As for Hillary Clinton, he recognizes the lack of trust the American people have in her. "There's a lot of distrust with e-mails and things," Church says. "Then you're saying, 'I have two people here, and Christ, I don't trust either one.' To me, that's where the anger comes from. We have to be careful as a country."

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Eric Church Says America's Political System is 'Broken'