Eric Church Played Solo Arena Show as Bandmates Recovered From Flu

Most artists would cancel their show when faced with an outbreak of stomach flu, but not good guy Eric Church.

On Jan. 31, Eric Church was scheduled to perform at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. But before the show even got set up, almost his entire band came down with a stomach flu.

Rather than ruin the Saturday night plans of thousands of fans, the "Talladega" singer held the stage alone, with only a few band members backing him up. As the lights came up, Church spoke to the crowd.

     "If you've seen our show so far on this tour, you're probably wondering what the hell is going on right now. Well, so I am. Here's the deal, yesterday we had the stomach flu strike our band, our crew, everyone. We had no one to hang video, lights, nothing. But I'm still here. 

Only a performer of Church's caliber could pull off an arena show with only an acoustic guitar. Fans enjoyed the solo performance and sang along to every song. Here's a clip from the show:


Church's years of experience as a club performer aided him that cold Utah evening. In the years when Church worked clubs, his standard practice was to perform alone for a little while to give his band a break in the middle of their six-hour shows.

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Never one to disappoint, Church let his fans know he'd be returning to Salt Lake City on Memorial Day to do the show again with his band for free.

Concert-goers hoping to catch the May 25 show will need to retain their ticket stubs from the January performance. More details can be found on Church's website.

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Eric Church Played Solo Arena Show as Bandmates Recovered From Flu