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Eric Church Launches Stylish New Furniture Line

Lorie Liebig

Ever wished you could sleep in the same bed Eric Church sleeps in? Well, here's your chance, kind of.

The modern country outlaw developed his very own line of furniture, partnering with a North Carolina company to develop the sets. Dubbed the "Highway to Home" collection, Church drew upon his family heritage for inspiration.

If it sounds a little out of left field, consider what Church wrote on Facebook when he announced the products. "Highway to Home is a natural extension of my family heritage," says Church. "My dad was in the industry. My first job was in a furniture plant, so yes, it is in my blood. Staying connected with my roots has always been important to me...my history and connection runs deep in this business."

The collection features the "Heartland Falls," "Silverton Sound" and "Arrow Ridge" collections, not to mention the "Chief" living room set and various accent pieces. Most of the 5-piece collections go for around $1,500, except for the couch set, which goes for $2,500.

Erich Church Highway To Home Arrow Ridge
Rooms To Go/Highway To Home

No word on whether Church rights his hit tunes while chilling on the "Chief" couch, but for the sake of selling some couches, let's say he does.

Eric Church Chief Couch
Rooms To Go/Highway To Home

But all jokes aside, that's some snazzy looking furniture. And it helps a good cause, too. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation through Eric Church's charity organization, Chief Cares.

Not only does the rustic-inspired furniture catch the eye, but it's also easy to find. A whole bunch of retailers carry the line, including Rooms To Go. Check out a list of available retailers here.

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Eric Church Launches Stylish New Furniture Line