Eric Church's Fans Break Two Chicago Records

Apparently, Chi-Town likes loves Eric Church and drinking whiskey. 

The "Wrecking Ball" singer's fans first smashed two Chicago records at the Allstate Arena last Friday. The first was an attendance record with 18,626 people - that's more than the venue has ever had. Then fans doubled down by breaking an all-time booze record for the Chicago venue, consuming a record 55 gallons of Jack Daniels, according to CMT.com.

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"Our journey in the city started in 2005 for about 20 people on Weed Street at a place called Joe's Bar. Those 20 were loud and proud, and they turned this thing into damn near 20,000," Church told CMT.

Church is currently on the road for his Outsiders World Tour. 

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Eric Church's Fans Break Two Chicago Records