Episode 8: The Rodeo Doctor

Dave Lammers (right) Photo courtesy of Justin Boots

If you don’t know much about the rodeo, this episode will give you a rare peek into that world. Our guest today is Dave Lammers, a rodeo doctor and former Program Manager for Justin Sports Medicine, a mobile hospital for rodeo riders. If there’s anyone who knows just how tough the riders are, it’s Dave. For more than a decade, Dave traveled the rodeo circuit, treating riders’ injuries as they happened in the arena. He’s worked with many of the legendary riders and has crossed paths with several country stars.

Dave is also the father of our co-host, Kurt Lammers. Kurt and Dave used to tour the rodeo circuit together, and you can bet they collected a few good father-son stories along the way.

We also talked about what rodeo is like in other countries. Rodeo events are also popular in South America, Australia, Canada and beyond, and Dave’s seen them all.

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Episode 8: The Rodeo Doctor