Episode 5: The Dirty River Boys

The Dirty River Boys

The Dirty River Boys are an alt-country, rock, progressive folk group from El Paso, Texas. They are a staple of the Texas music scene, and one of the most high-energy bands in the business. It’s hard to put a label on this band because they play so many different styles, from bluegrass to rock to folk to country. Whatever they play, they do it exceedingly well and with a lot of heart.

Kurt and I talked with Nino Cooper (Vocals, lead guitar, harmonica, mandolin) and Marco Gutierrez (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Banjo and Bass), the songwriting core of the band. The other members include Travis Stearns (Vocals, Cajon, Drums, and Mandolin) and Colton James (Vocals, Bass, Guitar, and Banjo). Together the foursome has logged thousands and thousands of miles, and they’ve picked up some priceless insight and stories along the way.

Their latest album, The Dirty River Boys, is available on iTunes and wherever you buy music. You can also catch their upcoming tour dates here.

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Episode 5: The Dirty River Boys