Episode 4: Wheeler Walker, Jr.

Wheeler Walker, Jr. is the most controversial man in country music today, and his debut album, Redneck Shit, is arguably the most profane country music album ever made (David Allan Coe has a few that are up there, too).

Yet, as profane as the album is, it sounds refreshingly country. Wheeler enlisted producer Dave Cobb, (Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson) and some of Nashville's top players to create the record. If you can get over the overwhelming obscenities, you'll hear one of the most authentically country albums released this year.

Wheeler is also one of the only figures in country music today who overtly challenges the status quo. You can bet that he's ruffling a lot of feathers, but he's making a lot of people laugh with him along the way.

Despite zero commercial radio airplay and television time, his music seems to be resonating -- sometimes with the wrong crowd. We talked about that, how he made the record, and his thoughts on modern country music. Finally, we discussed how he's navigating a business where it's a cardinal sin to speak the way he does.

Wheeler Walker, Jr. is currently on tour with Birdcloud. You can catch a list of his upcoming concert dates here. His debut album, Redneck Shit, is also available for download on iTunes.

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Episode 4: Wheeler Walker, Jr.