Episode 17: Statesboro Revue

Statesboro Revue

The Statesboro Revue are a Texas-based rock and roll band who are heavily inspired by American roots music. Today we talked with Stewart and Garrett Mann, the brothers who are at the core of the group.

Their most recent album, 2015’s Jukehouse Revival, is a collection harkens back to the 1970’s, a. la. Rolling Stones, Faces, with a dash of country and Southern Rock. It’s a tough time to make a living in rock and roll, but these guys are out there fighting the good fight. Much like mainstream country music and its traditional counterpart, classic rock-and-roll doesn’t have a home on most modern radio stations, making it harder for bands like Statesboro Revue to reach fans. But that hasn’t slowed these guys down. They are constantly touring, expanding their fanbase show by show, town by town.

We had a lively conversation about life on the road, their creative process, the mysticism of songwriting and the state of the industry. Stewart and Garrett were two of the most interesting guests we’ve had on the show. The gears of creativity seem like they are constantly spinning in their heads, and the ideas fall out easily.

To view Statesboro Revue’s upcoming tour dates click here.

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Episode 17: Statesboro Revue