Episode 15: Whitney Rose

Jen Squires

My guest today is rising country singer Whitney Rose. She has one of the most beautiful voices in country and a unique countrypolitan. Rose has been drawn to singers Patsy Cline, Hank Williams and Kitty Wells since she was a child. While her music is heavily inspired by those sounds and styles, it sounds and feels distinctly contemporary.

Originally from Prince Edward Island, Rose got her start in Canada's country music scene. A few years ago, she connected with Raul Malo, frontman of the Mavericks, to record her second album, Heartbreaker of the Year. Malo, who also has a reverence for vintage pop and country, helped Rose develop her sound and style. He later helped her get established in Austin, Texas, where she lives today.

Rose has become a fixture the country music community here in Austin. She plays a weekly gig at the legendary Continental Club. Some of the best musicians in the state have taken a shine to her as well. She regularly performs with A-Town's top-notch country players, and many of them played on her upcoming EP, South Texas Suite.

We chat about the EP, her plans to record a new record later this year, working with the Mavericks, as well as growing up in Canada and their country music scene.

Click here to view Whitney's upcoming performance dates.

Head Back Stage with Cody Johnson at a Legendary Texas Venue:

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Episode 15: Whitney Rose