Episode 10: Reckless Kelly

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Reckless Kelly are one of the longest-running and most influential Americana bands of all time. Hailing from Idaho, the group moved to Austin, Texas to pursue music in the late 90's. The quickly established a following in the Music Capital, and have been touring and recording for the past 20 years. Along the way, they helped define a style of music that has influenced countless musicians.

On Friday (Sept. 23) they release their new album, Sunset Motel. The album correlates with the band's 20th anniversary, and in many ways, it sounds like a return to the band's classic sound. Brothers Cody Braun and Willy Braun stopped by to talk with us about the new record, perform a couple of new songs (they sound awesome), and tell some stories from the band's history.

Reckless Kelly kicks off a new string of tour dates on Sept. 22. You can catch a full list of their upcoming dates here.

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Episode 10: Reckless Kelly