Enormous 15-Foot, 800-Pound Alligator Caught by Hunters in Florida


Two hunters in Florida were shocked when they stumbled upon the largest alligator they'd ever seen.

Lee Lightsey, the owner of Outwest Farms in Okeechobee, Fla., was out with his hunting guide, Blake Godwin when they found the 15-foot, 800-pound alligator hiding in one of their cattle ponds.

"We also discovered the remains what we determined to be cattle in the water," Godwin told Fox13 News. We determined that he was in fact attacking our livestock as they came to drink."

The pair were able to shoot the gator when he unexpectedly emerged from the water just 20 feet away from where they were standing. In order to remove the gator's body, they had to use a large farm tractor to pull him out of the swamp. The image of the huge creature hanging down from a chain attached to a John Deere scoop has gone viral, earning more than 5,000 shares in just a few days.

Lightsey decided to donate the gator's meat to charity, and plans to have the alligator taxidermied for public display. Although both Lightsey and Godwin have been hunting for many years, they say they've never seen anything quite like this monster of an alligator.

"It is hard to believe that something this big exists in the wild," Godwin said. "Hunting is a way of life for us and we are very proud of it!"

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Enormous 15-Foot, 800-Pound Alligator Caught by Hunters in Florida