These Empanada Makers Maximize Time in the Kitchen

I can thank the one and only Taco Bell for my empanada addiction. I always look forward to eating a caramel apple empanada after downing two (or four) soft tacos. After some friends learned of my addiction to this dessert, I was introduced to beef turnovers.

I was very impressed with my friend's cooking skills. Not only did it taste amazing, but the empanada was shaped perfectly! Her empanada recipe remains a secret, but the secret to beautiful empanadas is using an empanada maker.

Prepworks by Progressive Dough Press, Set of 3

If you bake, you know getting desserts to look pretty can be hard. Thankfully, someone at Prepworks from Progressive gets it. This handy tool works as an empanada maker, dumpling maker, and more. All you need to do is cut, fold, and press.

Maximize your time in the kitchen with this $6 kitchen gadget. It will be so worth it, y'all. I've thrown out my fair share of hand pies because they, well, had odd shapes. I didn't want to serve those to guests. With an empanada maker, you bet I'll use this to make dessert empanadas and savory appetizers for friends and family.

Whether they want ravioli or calzones, I feel confident in making them a meal with this tool. Not only is this gadget only $6, but it comes with three. Use one as a pastry tool, one as a dough cutter for empanadas, and one as a calzone maker!

Customer reviews are fantastic, and the average rating is nearly perfect.

Customers are even giving great advice and tips. Make sure your empanada dough covers the ridges completely. Doing this will help seal in your veggies or pie filling correctly. This is a popular dough press on Amazon, but customers are also flocking to this gadget by KAYCROWN.

Stainless Steel Ravioli Mold Pierogi Dumpling Maker Wrapper Pastry Dough Cutter

You can choose between three different sizes. If you want large empanadas, this may be the tool for you. Regardless, you'll end up with crispy empanadas.

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