Song Premiere: Emma White Gives Some Tough Love on 'Married Man'


Maryland-native singer-songwriter Emma White details a doomed relationship in the striking "Married Man," the latest release from her forthcoming EP The Actress (out on September 20).  Think of it as the sequel to the Reba McEntire and Linda Davis smash hit "Does He Love You." This time, the mistress has some hard-won advice for "the other woman."

"The sun rises and sets/ And he still ain't single yet," White sings. "You're just left alone with the voices in your head."

White says the song represents the often unexplored truths she likes to explore in her writing.

"I love writing songs from the unlikely, sometimes taboo perspective. Almost like the song is a movie and I'm looking for the character we haven't heard from yet," White tells Wide Open Country. "I want to hear that story -- not the one that's predictable. With 'Married Man,'  I wanted to tell the story of someone looking for love and finding it in all the wrong places, while affirming their quest and worthiness of finding 'the real thing.' I think people can get stuck in situations that don't serve them, because they don't believe that something better is out there. This song encourages them to believe that there is."

 Listen to "Married Man" below.

White recently signed with WME and launched the Nashville-based independent label Whitehouse Records.

For more information on Emma White, visit her official website.

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