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Celebrate Elvis Week With Your Very Own 'Elvis Barbie Doll'


It's safe to say that it's been quite a hectic year so far, and it's certainly taking a toll on us. But I'm here to bring good news, and let me tell's GOOD. This is my favorite week of the whole entire year. Why? Because it involves the one and only Elvis Presley.

Yes, Elvis Week is back, baby, and it's returning with a big bang. In case you don't know what this week is, once a year Graceland celebrates the late singer by creating special traditional events for Elvis Presley fans. The annual celebration of his life and death runs from August 11th to the 17th. Unfortunately, in 2020, the celebration was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now it's returning again so fans can celebrate. The 7-day celebration includes tribute artist performances, concerts, series of unique tours, and panel discussions.

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But this year is a little bit more special because Barbie has jumped in on the celebration. They have decided to launch a new collectible Barbie doll dedicated to Presley himself. What a great honor it is indeed. Who would have thought we'd see an Elvis Presley Barbie doll? Mattel  teamed up with Authentic Brands to introduce a "Little People Collector" set from Fisher-Price and a collectible Elvis Presley Barbie. Both of these designs commemorate the King of Rock and Roll.


It's a beautiful Barbie with an even more gorgeous outfit. Inspired by Elvis' iconic American white eagle jumpsuit, Barbie's outfit is emblazoned with gold, blue and red sparkles. Just like the original one that he wore on stage. The silhouette also features a cape, belt and bell-bottoms.

Not only that but the Barbie dolls' pointed-toe boots and a golden ring with a turquoise accent are heavily inspired by Presley's signature accessories. And of course, you can't forget about the hair. Barbie is designed to have a sleek ponytail that completes her iconic look. A timeless treasure for Elvis fans!

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The Little People Collector Elvis Presley doll featured Little People character styles in several iconic looks by Presley, including a 50s-era Elvis with a guitar, his 60s-era in a black "leather," and his 70s-era white jumpsuit with lei. All these adorable doll sets come specifically designed and in gift-ready packages for any Presley fan. The exclusive Barbie doll will be sold at major retailers, including Wal-Mart, Amazon and Target. The Little People Collector set will be sold for $14.99 and Elvis as Barbie for $50.


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