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Rooted in Country: Elvie Shane on Eric Church's 'Can't Take it With You'


Elvie Shane won hearts with his chart-topping release "My Boy," the most heartfelt anthem for stepfathers and their children since Brad Paisley's "He Didn't Have to Be." Shane, who recently released his debut album Backslider, credits another country-rocker with equal parts heart and grit with reigniting his love for country music.

"I grew up on country but found myself in rock bands in my late teens and early twenties," Shane tells Wide Open Country. "It wasn't until I heard Eric Church's 'Can't Take it With You' penned by him, Marla Cannon and Casey Beathard that really made me start taking my writing seriously and lean back into my country roots. The opening line is my favorite to this day. 'Never realized how much she brought to the table, till I went to sit my cup of coffee where the table used to be.' What a way to say she's gone."

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Shane co-wrote "My Boy" with  Lee Starr, Nick Columbia and Russell Sutton about his now teenaged stepson. The song, which went viral on TikTok, struck a meaningful chord with blended families everywhere.

The Kentucky native recently welcomed daughter Zaelyn Journey Payton with his wife Mandi. Earlier this year, the singer-songwriter released a "My Girl" version of his hit song.

Shane has opened for Jason Aldean, Toby KeithBrothers Osborne and Brett Young and recently joined Brooks & Dunn on the duo's 2021 Reboot Tour.


Backslider is available here.

'Backslider' Track List:

1. "I Will Run"
(Elvie Shane, Doug Johnson, Adam Wood)

2. "Love, Cold Beer, Cheap Smoke"
(Elvie Shane, Russell Sutton, Drew Green)

3. "Sundays In The South"
(Elvie Shane, Derrick Southerland, Albert E. Brumley)


4. "Sundress"
(Elvie Shane, Doug Johnson, Adam Wood)

5. "County Roads"
(Elvie Shane, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles)

6. "Rocket Science"
(Elvie Shane, Joybeth Taylor, Jakob Miller, Oscar Charles)

7. "My Kinda Trouble"
(Elvie Shane, Erik Dylan, Ray Fulcher)


8. "Kickin' Stones" (with The Fletch)
(Fred Eltringham, Steve Mackey, Rob McNelley, Tom Bukovac, Kris Donegan, Matt Nolen)

9. "Saturday Night Me"
(Elvie Shane, Doug Johnson, Adam Wood)

10. "My Boy"
(Elvie Shane, Russell Sutton, Nick Columbia, Lee Starr)

11. "Heartbreaks & Headaches"
(Elvie Shane, Dakota Payton)


12. "Nothin' Lasts Forever" (with Tenille Townes)
(Elvie Shane, Luke Preston, Oscar Charles, Matt Willis)

13. "Keep On Strummin'"
(Elvie Shane, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles, Clinton Payton)

14. "My Mississippi"
(Elvie Shane, Jakob Miller)

15. "Miles" (with My Mama)
(Elvie Shane, Jonathan Sherwood, Luke Preston)



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