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Elle King Opens Up About Her Relationship With Famous Dad, Actor Rob Schneider: 'I Wanted to Be My Own Person'

Elle King has enjoyed a successful music career for years, making her start in pop and rock music with her Platinum-certified album, Love Stuff, in 2015. Recently, King has made a transition to country music, releasing her debut country album, Come Get Your Wife, in January. It's a somewhat well-known fact now that King is the daughter of actor and comedian Rob Schneider, and while the singer now has a good relationship with her famous dad, she admits that wasn't always the case. In a recent interview with People, King shares that while growing up in Ohio with her mother London King and her stepdad Justin, visits from her dad were few and far between.

"I was the chubby girl with a dad that didn't visit very often, and everybody made fun of me and were mean to me about it," she says of her life growing up.

That's not to say she and Schneider had a complete lack of relationship through the years (she guest starred in his 1999 movie, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo), but by the time she began releasing music, she said her dad "wasn't even in my life." Due to her father's absence during this time, King forged her way in the music industry completely on her own, which is the way she wanted to do it in the first place.

"I didn't want to be known as someone's kid," King says. "I wanted to be my own person. I never wanted to borrow money from anybody, and I've worked hard for my family and for me. I want to have a life built for myself, and I want to know that I did it."

As she's gotten older, however, King has been able to heal her relationship with Schneider, and their father-daughter bond is stronger than ever these days.

"My father and I have a beautiful and really wonderful, great loving relationship with awesome boundaries," she says. "I love my dad so much."

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