Eli Young Band Kicks off Summer with New Single, 'Saltwater Gospel'

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Eli Young Band is kicking summer off the right way with a new single that is perfect for the season. Their new single, titled "Saltwater Gospel," will quickly take you to the beach where you can let all your worries float away.

The song will come from the band's highly anticipated upcoming album, whose release date is not known at this time. According to the band, the song is all about getting closer to God and nature. It attempts to take listeners to a calming place, where they can forget their troubles and connect with their spirituality.

The band loved the song the moment they heard it. "I love that it is about so much more than just saltwater," Lead singer Mike Eli said in a press release. This is the band's first song under their new deal with Valory Music Co, and it is definitely a fantastic one to get started with.

Over the years, Eli Young Band has given us many fantastic songs, three of which landed at number one. With the infectious tune "Saltwater Gospel", the band is likely to bring home another number one as well as the song of the summer title.

This summer, Eli Young Band will be playing at a number of venues and festivals around the nation. They plan to include this new single in many of the sets they perform. It you want to see them live, check out their full schedule here.

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Eli Young Band Kicks off Summer with New Single, 'Saltwater Gospel'