Electra Mustaine Shocks Country World with Megadeth Cover

There’s never been a whole lot of death metal and country music crossover, at least not until now. Electra Mustaine — daughter of Megadeth frontman and former Metallica star Dave Mustaine — entered the country music scene over the weekend with the release of a stunning country cover of her father’s 1994 heavy metal hit, “I Thought I Knew It All.”

The news was first reported by Rolling Stone Country, along with a music video for the 17-year-old’s first foray into the Nashville scene. The video interprets the song within the realm of the Tennessee countryside, as the young singer walks with her horse amidst fog in a pasture, before cutting to scenes of Mustaine recording the song while playing piano and showcasing her impressive vocals.

“We thought it’d be a great tribute to Megadeth fans for all the years of support. I wanted to say thank you, because honestly if it weren’t for Megadeth fans, I wouldn’t be able to try to fulfill my dreams now,” she told the popular magazine.

The surprise premiere comes on the heels of Megadeth’s newest apocalyptic death metal album, Dystopia, which was coincidentally put on store shelves Jan. 22, right when the younger Mustaine’s song premiered on the web.

The family has documented their recent move from L.A. to Nashville in support of Electra Mustaine’s country music career, with a reality TV pilot in tow that they hope will be premiered by a popular network.

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Electra Mustaine Shocks Country World with Megadeth Cover