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Facebook/Fly Away Daisy Photography

This Elderly Couple's 65th Anniversary Photo Shoot Will Warm Your Heart

Rosie and Bill were blessed with three kids, four grandkids and seven great-grandkids over the course of their 65-year-long marriage. When their granddaughter and photographer Megan Straight decided to surprise the couple with a photoshoot for Rosie and Bill's anniversary, they never imagined that the images would go viral.

Straight shared the post to her photography page on Facebook. The images on Fly Away Daisy Photography have now been shared over 43,000 times. Straight took the pictures in Fairview, W.Va., which is not far from where Rosie and Bill met and grew up.

"They still hug and kiss each other and are always together each time they leave the house," Straight told Yahoo Lifestyle. "My grandmother just had hernia surgery, and my grandfather has been by her side, making sure she is okay."

Even though they went to high school together, the two didn't start dating until later. They were set up on a blind date when Bill was on leave from the Army. They married in 1952 after dating for three years.

"A while ago, their preacher asked my papaw how he put up with Rosie for 50 years. He said, 'I couldn't have done it without the Lord's help,'" Straight said. "And being able to laugh together helps."

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