Instagram/ El Arroyo

El Arroyo Sign Goes Blank in Moment of Silence For Victims of Mass Shootings in El Paso, Dayton


Austin's El Arroyo restaurant is known for the daily messages shared on its sign. Usually, the sign features witty jokes. But today the restaurant chose to send a more serious message: a completely blank sign, which represents a moment of silence for the victims of two mass shootings that occurred in the U.S. in just 24 hours.

El Arroyo shared a photo of the blank sign on social media on August 4.

"A moment of silence for the people of El Paso, Dayton, and all the other victims of the meaningless violence here and abroad," the caption read.

Twenty-one people were killed and 26 injured after a shooter opened fire at an El Paso shopping center on Saturday, August 3. It's the second deadliest shooting in Texas history.


"Texas grieves for the people of El Paso today," Texas governor Greg Abbott said in a statement. "On a day that would have been a normal day for someone to leisurely go shopping...turned into one of the most deadly days in the history of Texas."

Early Sunday morning, a gunman opened fire in downtown Dayton, Ohio. Nine people were killed and dozens more were injured.