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El Arroyo Dedicates Somber Sign to Barbara Bush

An iconic Texas restaurant posted a sweet tribute to the late Barbara Bush, changing the tune of their typically snarky signs. The somber moment reflects the feelings of many Texans both in the state and elsewhere as an outpouring of support for the Bush family flowed in on social media when the news broke. On April 17, 2018 at the age of 92, Barbara Bush passed away and left behind a legacy of American politics and literacy. El Arroyo, known for their viral and hilarious signs, took a moment to reflect on her legacy in their own way.

The Mexican cuisine restaurant on West 5th Street in downtown Austin updated their famous sign with one of her most fitting quotes for the occasion. "To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there."

A great place to drive by for a laugh and an even better place to stop in and eat (the chicken nachos are a highlight), El Arroyo has made a name for itself beyond the typical Tex-Mex restaurant reputation. The witty signs are, without a doubt, the most notable feature, but it's serving up delicious food to boot.

If you're stopping by in the morning, pick up a few of their grab and go breakfast tacos that are all $1.50 a piece, except for the Steak and Onion that'll run you to $2.75. The restaurant also features lunch specials which if you, like us, work downtown during the hot Texas summer are necessities under the misting fans on the newly renovated patio.

Cool off at happy hour with a refreshing margarita (the house margarita is worth it), and enjoy the scene like the faux (or real?) Austinite you are. The chicken fajitas are, also, amazing as far as Mexican food restaurants go. Apart from good food though, let's look at some of El Arroyo's best signs.


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