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Here’s How Much a Dozen Eggs Costs in Each State?

For over millions of years, eggs have been a staple food for humans. We eat them for breakfast, add them to our baking recipes, and add them to salads and poke bowls. Whether we get our eggs from a local farmer, our very own backyard chicken coop, or the grocery store, they are integral to what we do in our kitchens. So, what's the egg cost by state?

Buying eggs from the grocery store is easy, especially now because there are so many varieties. Prices of eggs across the fifty states vary widely, though.

In 2018, Ballotpedia determined the cost of eggs in every state. They visited Wal-Marts in the capital city or other large city in each state and recorded the price of Great Value brand eggs. For states where they were unable to find eggs at Wal-Mart, Ballotpedia chose a different cheap brand to record.

Though prices have increased due to inflation, this data is still useful when thinking about how much Americans across the country have to spend on eggs.

The table at the end of this article is a complete list of the price of eggs in every state.

States With the Cheapest Eggs

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The following states priced a dozen eggs at under $1.00 in 2018:

Illinois - $0.42
Michigan - $0.48
Kansas - $0.68
Maryland - $0.78
Arizona - $0.98
Indiana - $0.98
Massachusetts - $0.98
New Mexico - $0.98
Ohio - $0.98
Oregon - $0.98
Virginia - $0.98

Coming in at only $0.42, Illinois may be the best place in America to buy a carton of eggs.

States With the Most Expensive Eggs

The following states priced a dozen eggs at over $2.00 in 2018:

Vermont - $2.00
Louisiana - $2.00
California - $2.00
Alaska - $2.38
Hawaii - $4.49

Of the states with the most expensive eggs, Louisiana is an outlier because it is one of the poorest states in the U.S., which means eggs may be unaffordable to a large amount of the Louisiana population.

What does a dozen eggs cost in 2022?

Woman chooses packing chicken eggs in the supermarket, Eggs preserved in woman hand and panel wholesale market,

We don't have data for the price of eggs in every state in 2022, but we do know the average price across the United States.
Each month, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) updates the Consumer Price Index, which shows trends in the cost of living across the nation.

In March 2022, the average price for a dozen eggs was $2.05. The price of eggs has been quickly increasing since August 2020, when eggs were priced at $1.34.

Inflation is definitely affecting the prices of everything we buy, including eggs.

The Price of Eggs in Every State

Below is the price of eggs in every state listed from least expensive to most expensive.

Illinois $0.42
Michigan $0.48
Kansas $0.68
Maryland $0.78
Arizona $0.98
Indiana $0.98
Massachusetts $0.98
New Mexico $0.98
Ohio $0.98
Oregon $0.98
Virginia $0.98
Connecticut $1.08
South Carolina $1.16
Idaho $1.18
Missouri $1.18
Utah $1.18
Oklahoma $1.24
Wisconsin $1.25
Alabama $1.30
Nevada $1.34
Iowa $1.42
Delaware $1.48
Kentucky $1.48
North Carolina $1.50
DC $1.52
Colorado $1.57
Arkansas $1.58
Montana $1.58
Nebraska $1.58
North Dakota $1.58
South Dakota $1.58
Wyoming $1.58
New Jersey $1.60
Pennsylvania $1.60
Minnesota $1.63
Mississippi $1.63
New York $1.63
Tennessee $1.63
Florida $1.65
Rhode Island $1.68
Georgia $1.78
Maine $1.78
New Hampshire $1.78
West Virginia $1.87
Washington $1.88
California $2.00
Louisiana $2.00
Vermont $2.00
Alaska $2.38
Hawaii $4.49

All prices from Ballotpedia.