Eddie Montgomery Collapses On Stage, Band Issues Update

Eddie Montgomery of country duo Montgomery Gentry collapsed on stage this weekend. Montgomery went down during their Cornstock Concert performance in Kansas.

According to fans at the show, paramedics responded almost immediately. And in true rock star fashion, Troy Gentry continued the show as Montgomery received treatment.

The band took to Twitter to address rumors that Montgomery suffered a heart attack. In reality, he encountered a bout of severe dehydration.

The band then posted another update of a happy and healthy Gentry with his wife Jennifer in Florida. The duo played Country on the Beach 2016 in Key West on Sept. 25.

Just in case any fans needed extra assurance. They added, "Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes. And he's drinking plenty of H2O!"

Thank goodness the rumors weren't true. The H2O is a must, because the duo have a handful of tour dates for the rest of the year. And a lot of them just so happen to be festivals and big outdoor events.

Let that be a lesson to you, kids. Listen to your mom and always drink plenty of water. Even if you're a rock star. Dehydration at country concerts is nothing to smirk at. Dozens of fans required hospital visits for the condition this past summer.


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Eddie Montgomery Collapses On Stage, Band Issues Update