edan archer bad imitation of something good
Alexa Kinigopolous

Song Premiere: Edan Archer's Carefree 'Bad Imitation of Something Good'

Come for the punky riffs, stay for the lyrics. At least, that's how I feel about Edan Archer's new single, "Bad Imitation of Something Good." It's a song with a devil-may-care attitude. As brassy as it is, though, the song is a thoughtful take on how we conform — or not — to other peoples' expectations.

This seems to be a theme for Archer, as her previous music video, "Ain't That Kind of Woman," was featured on DittyTV and is a heavier take on the same theme. This time around, the talented singer-songwriter surprised herself.

"I'm from Gainesville, Florida, and this tune surprised me in that I can hear the Tom Petty influences. It's the first one where I can feel it creeping out in my music, and I'm all about it!" Archer explains that the son gis meant to be listened to with the volume up and the windows down to "celebrate the absurdity of people trying change people. Basically, this car ain't changing directions, so you can either stand back or get in."

Archer continues, "The sentiment behind this song is that "to hell with it" feeling when you just accept yourself as you are. I came up with the phrase "bad imitation of something good" to describe when others don't really see you; they see a bad version of what they think you should be. Specifically, this song is about love and relationships, and priorities: does he see me as the feminine force of nature that I am, or does he see me as someone who can't put the toothpaste cap on right?"

You can learn more about Edan here.

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