How to Eat Everyday Foods 'The Redneck Way' [VIDEO]

There are two ways of doing things, the normal way and the redneck way.

In this video, Jim Clark, known as the "How To Redneck" shows us his redneck ways to eat our favorite foods more efficiently in this hilarious video.

Some ideas are surprisingly really practical. For instance, when Jim shows us the best way of eating a banana. All you do is pinch the bottom of the banana until it pops, then peal it from the bottom to top. The stem then turns into a nice little handle! Makes sense, right?

Other ideas are a little, well, redneck...but that's why we love it. Jimbo shows us how to create your own travel cup for kids by covering a paper cup with Saran wrap and sealing it tight with a rubber band. Then, simply stab a straw through the plastic. BOOM! Mess proof.

Another one of Jim's "how to's" includes cooking an ear of corn by wrapping it in a paper towel then microwaving it for one minute. This technique is hilariously coined "Heat N' Eat Corn. Just when you think that was redneck enough, hold on tight because it doesn't end there. Jim then heavily butters a piece of white wonder bread and rolls the corn on it so that you don't have to mess with a stick of butter.

Watch the video above for more hysterical redneck hacks!

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How to Eat Everyday Foods 'The Redneck Way' [VIDEO]