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10 Easter Cards To Mail To Family This Year

Easter greeting cards might not be as popular as, say, birthday cards, Valentine's Day cards, or Christmas cards, but you should still consider sending one to your family just to say, "Happy Easter!" while you're chowing down on a chocolate bunny.

Especially this year, when a lot of people are still not traveling or visiting their family due to COVID lockdowns, a "Hoppy Easter" card will be more appreciated than ever. Any card that says "I'm thinking of you" is nice, but the ones around the holidays are especially thoughtful.

You don't have to wait for the next baby shower or even Mother's Day to send a personalized note to your loved ones! We've compiled just a few Easter cards you should consider sending to make someone smile. (And you don't even need to pick up a gift card to throw in it!)

1. Marjolein Bastin Springtime Flower Bouquet Card

Hallmark of course has a ton of options in their Easter collection. This one has a "Happy Easter" message with a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers.

2. Mini Easter Bunny Love Card

Want something small but memorable? This cute mini card — also from Hallmark — is "perfectly sized for tucking into an Easter basket, jacket pocket, backpack or lunchbox."

3. Somebunny Sweet Kitten Card for Kids

I'm a cat person, so I love this one. It features a kitten dressed up to look like a little bunny with little bunny ears. Is there anything cuter?

4. Picture This Dogs and Cats Cards

Speaking of cute animals, this multipack has both dogs and cats dressed up to look like bunnies. Aw!

5. Easter Egg Delight Design

Shutterfly lets you semi DIY your cards with a bunch of templates you can fill in yourself, including this one that features a couple of Easter eggs just to drive the point home.

6. Pop Up Card for Kids (Displayable Happy Hug Chick in Egg)

A pop-up Easter chick card from Amazon might be just the one for you. See it here!

7. Easter Blessings Cross Flowers Watercolor Floral Card

If you're looking for religious Easter cards, this one might be a good choice. It's got a beautiful floral cross on the cover.

8. Good Shepherd Cards

This is another multipack, this time featuring religious cards with stickers included. They're very cute!

9. Tulips & Colorful Egg Card

Simple but sweet, this e-card features beautiful flowers and some of the prettiest Easter eggs we've ever seen.

10. Egg-cellent Easter Card

Sorry, we had to end on a pun! This one has a pretty neutral design on the cover, but inside it reads, "Hope your Easter is egg-cellent in every way!" If you don't want to wait for Father's Day to get in a dad joke, this one's your best bet.

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