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8 Easter Basket Items for the Whole Family

With Easter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to starting putting together all of your treats for your Easter egg hunt and Easter basket. You don't need to go crazy and get a custom basket that already includes all the fillers. That's part of the fun! This is such a fun DIY and you can really get creative with what you want to put in your kids' Easter baskets. From all the pastel sweet treats to stickers, coloring books, crayons, and stuffed animals, the possibilities really are endless.

Here's our roundup of the 8 best Easter basket ideas that are perfect for the whole family.

1. Peeps

Every basket needs to include this classic Easter treat. Peeps have been around forever for a reason and come in a ton of colors and flavors these days. The little sugar-covered marshmallows always shine during their most popular season and always remind me of being a kid on Easter morning.

2. Spring Easter Cookie Set

This adorable cookie set is the perfect Easter gift for the baker of the house. The whole family can bake some yummy cookies in all of these festive shapes.

3. Plastic Eggs

Not only are these perfect for your actual Easter egg hunt, but you can put some eggs in your basket with more treats hiding inside.

4. Bunny Basket

You need an actual basket to hold all of your treats and these burlap bunny baskets are adorable. You get a pair of baskets in blue and pink for the kids and they are perfect to reuse each year. What's fun is you can get a basket for your little one's first Easter and make it a tradition to stuff the same one throughout the years. It's a gift idea that will keep on giving and save you some money in the long run if you plan on going all out for Easter each year.

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5. Sidewalk Chalk

Perfect for some Easter crafts with the whole family after your hunt, sidewalk chalk is guaranteed fun. Plus it washes off with water and will keep the kiddos entertained for months after Easter is over.

6. Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are always a crowd-pleaser with the little ones and are the perfect colorful addition to your basket. One of the best Easter basket stuffers out there in my opinion. It can't all be chocolate after all.

7. Chocolate Carrots

Part of having a fun Easter basket is getting to eat the candy on Easter morning. Move over chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs — chocolate carrots have officially arrived! These cute carrots add a nice touch to your basket with that extra festive touch. Even the Easter Bunny himself wouldn't be able to resist!

8. Rain Boot Easter Basket

Instead of using an Easter basket to hold your goodies, get creative and put everything in some rain boots which the kids will actually use throughout springtime. April showers bring May flowers! This is also a good non-candy gift if you're looking to cut back on the sweets.

This article was originally published in March of 2019 but has since been updated. 

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