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How to Easily Remove a Tree Stump For a Bargain

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Do you have a bunch of ugly tree stumps in your yard and no way to get rid of them? There's a simple solution that will remove these eyesores without leaving a hole in your wallet.

This clever DIY hack from YouTube user Marsh Rat will help remove old tree stumps with only your drill gun, charcoal, oil and some fire. It may take a little elbow grease and patience, but it's a great alternative to using harsh chemicals or paying thousands in labor costs.

Simply take your drill and make holes in the stump about two inches apart. Remove the bit, then fill the holes with vegetable oil. Over the next few days, continue to fill the holes with oil, then place some charcoal on top of the stump. Cover the coals and stump with more vegetable oil, then set the mound on fire.

You'll want to let it burn for as long as possible, which may be a few days. When the fire goes out, simply add more charcoal and oil and light that on fire. Your stump will completely disappear into ash within a matter of days.

Yes, this method may take a long time and a bit of legwork, but the end result is more than worth it.

This post was originally published in 2016.

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How to Easily Remove a Tree Stump For a Bargain