Dwight Yoakam Releasing ‘Greatest Hits’ Record with a Bluegrass Twist

Dwight Yoakam just announced a very cool new “greatest hits” album with a twist. For the release, the Kentucky-born troubadour re-recorded some of his biggest hits as bluegrass songs.

Called Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars, the 11-track compilation represents Yoakam returning to his Kentucky roots. Yoakam expressed a profound appreciation for bluegrass since he was a little boy. he even collaborated with bluegrass legend and influence Ralph Stanley on a few occasions throughout their careers.

Yoakam recruited some serious bluegrass firepower for the record. Nine-time Grammy winner Gary Paczosa (of Alison Krauss and Dolly Parton fame) jumped in to co-proudce alongside Yoakam and Jon Randall. Not to mention a collection of heavy hitters backing Yoakam, including guitarist Bryan Sutton.

Dwight Yoakam recorded Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars at Zac Brown’s Southern Ground studios in Nashville. For good measure, he also recorded a few tracks at the famous Capitol Records Studio B in Los Angeles. Finally, mixing legend Chris Lord-Alge added his golden touch to the tracks.

Seriously, Dwight Yoakam brought out the big guns for the record. Yoakam hasn’t made the track listing available just yet, but roots music giant Sugar Hill Records will release the new album on Sept. 23.

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Dwight Yoakam Releasing ‘Greatest Hits’ Record with a Bluegrass Twist