Dwayne Wade
Jeff Schear/Getty Images

Dwayne Wade Says Country Music Gets Him Pumped up for Games


One of the most popular professional basketball players in the U.S. has gone country. Chicago Bulls star Dwayne Wade revealed his longtime love for the genre in a recent tweet. The 35-year-old talent was responding to another tweet that was poking fun at his brightly-colored attire.

"What if I told you in 06 I listened to country music b4 every game that I score 40 in? Would that not be cool? I'm different you wanna fit in," Dwayne wrote.


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Country music has always had close ties with the world of sports. Heck, a few amateur sports stars even became country singers later in life. But I'm guessing Dwayne won't be trading in his jersey for a cowboy hat any time soon.

Still, it's another cool example of just how universal the genre is. Now if only we could see what his playlist actually consists of. Is he more of a traditionalist or a Sam Hunt kind of guy? It's hard to tell, but whatever he listened to certainly worked. He scored a whopping 40 points during the 2006 NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks.

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