Duck Dynasty's Alan and Lisa Robertson Reveal Painful Past

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Duck Dynasty's Alan and Lisa Robertson may seem like they have it all together, living a wholesome and happy life, but things weren't always that way for the couple.

In an interview with Focus on the Family (part 1 of 3), they opened up about their tumultuous and rocky history--one marred by drinking, drugs, and sexual assault.

The courageous couple stepped forward about a multitude of issues they've had to overcome. Lisa first got candid about her childhood, which was riddled with years of sexual abuse at the hands of an alcoholic uncle.

She recalls her painful childhood: "At seven years old, when I was seven, that's the earliest memory that I can remember, he started molesting me. And that lasted until I was 14 ... he was a little guy, so at 14, I just said 'no more.' ... It messes up how you feel about yourself. You really wonder about men and your identity to them, but also your relation to them, and how will you relate to men? ... I really thought that that's what I was meant for. That my purpose on Earth was to please men."

As a teenager, Al was dealing with his own demons, partying and drinking. He fled to New Orleans at 17 to "find himself" but ended up going deeper into a hole of self-destruction when he started dating a married woman.

Al recalls the relationship: "I got into drugs and that sort of thing. Finally started having a relationship with a woman...she was 26 and married, and told me she and her husband had been separated, I think she said for 11 months. But it turns out it was two weeks."

This all led to Al being caught by the woman's husband one morning and getting beaten with a tire tool before managing to escape to a 7/11 and call the police. After a heart-to-heart with the crime scene photographer, he got a reality check and decided to return home to try to get his life back in order.

This is really just the beginning of the tumultuous past for the couple. In a previous interview with Glenn Beck last year, they discussed the pain of infidelity in their marriage, a terminated pregnancy, and healing through therapy and faith.

You can listen to the whole interview over on Focus on the Family, and pick up their book A New Season where they talk in detail about their path to redemption.

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Duck Dynasty's Alan and Lisa Robertson Reveal Painful Past