Duck Duck Jeep Founder Allison Parliament Dies As Vehicle Community Mourns

Duck Duck Jeep Founder Allison Parliament Dies As Vehicle Community Mourns

It's a sad time for the vehicle community. Allison Parliament, the founder of Duck Duck Jeep, passed away unexpectedly. She died from "natural causes" at her home on June 22.

Allison's mother, Cheryl Parliament, confirmed her passing via a statement on Facebook. She said that Parliament's family is still processing her tragic death.

"Thank you all for being patient as I made the trip to get to Allison. We were waiting for confirmation of her sudden death. Allison passed away on June 22nd at her home in Canada of natural causes, it was peacefully," she wrote on Facebook.

"We are still processing all of this and want to thank everyone who has made posts," Cheryl continued. "Even though we have not been able to respond, we are reading them, and it gives us peace to see how happy our daughter made people in the Jeep community and beyond.

"Keep on Ducking and spread the kindness she started," she concluded.

Following the news of her death, several of those closest to Parliament shared their condolences for Parliament. Toledo Jeep Fest posted a statement in tribute to Parliament.

"The Toledo Jeep Fest family is mourning the recent death of a friend and advocate of the Jeep community - Allison Parliament. She believed that small gestures could make a significant impact, and she proved this through her commitment to spreading smiles one small duck at a time. Parliament's random acts of kindness gave birth to a core part of global Jeep culture," TFJ wrote.

Allison Parliament Has Died

The organization also detailed the legacy that she left behind. They pointed out that the DuckDuckJeep movement began due to a negative experience with someone.

"The uplifting and virally beautiful Duck Duck Jeep movement actually began with a negative experience," the statement read. "Parliament, 36, a native of Orilla, Ontario was driving her Jeep home from Alabama in 2020, where she lived, when she found herself in an angry confrontation at a gas station. A man noticed her U.S. plates and approached, yelling that she needed to return to her country, saying she was 'a dirty American spreading COVID and just wanted to hurt people.'"

"Parliament, a dual U.S. citizen, was shoved and bruised during the confrontation but resolved to do something positive and fun as a counter gesture," TFJ continued. "She bought a bag of rubber ducks and planned to prank her friend, hiding them around the house. But when she ran into a nice Jeep in a parking lot, she decided to use one of the ducks to place as a little gesture to say, hey, 'nice Jeep.' The owner noticed her and came out to investigate.

"This encounter with a stranger was completely different. He loved the idea and suggested that she should share it on social media with the hashtag #duckduckjeep.