Duck Donuts

Visit Duck Donuts' First Store in Duck, North Carolina

Nothing compares to a fresh-out-the-oven, glazed and sprinkled donut. Whether you go for the powdered donuts, chocolatey ones, or fruity varieties with jelly inside, it's hard not to have a good day when it starts with a donut. Although chains like Dunkin' and Krispy Kreme have been front and center in the donut world for many years, one donut chain growing exponentially in popularity is Duck Donuts, a family-owned chain specializing in freshly made, delectable donuts.

The Story of Duck Donuts

This family-owned Donut Shop was founded by Russ DiGilio and his family, who would visit the Outer Banks in Duck, North Carolina for vacation. As much as they loved the charming town for family vacations, they felt that something was missing- the ability to order donuts. This realization led to playful recipe sessions, and the idea eventually grew into a serious endeavor. After months of research and collaboration, the family opened Duck Donuts in Duck, North Carolina in 2007.

The delectable homemade sweets were an instant success, especially when served with a selection of coffee drinks. The DiGilio family soon expanded across the country, adding new locations and franchise owners to the team. Duck Donuts offers a variety of made-to-order donuts, served in a welcoming, cheerful atmosphere.

The menu is full of creativity and expertise, with chocolatey delights like the Chocolate Bacon and the Chocolate Donut with Chocolate Icing, Chocolate Chips, and Hot Fudge Drizzle. There are also fun combos like Peanut Butter & Jelly and Blueberry Lemonade. Plus, you can choose from a variety of breakfast sandwiches and coffee drinks for a well-rounded donut experience. With the catchphrase "warm, delicious, made to order," the donut shop now brings happiness in the form of fresh donuts to 24 different states.

Duck Donuts Box of Chocolates

From now until February 14th, Duck Donuts customers can buy a "Box of Chocolates" which is a box of delectable fan-favorite donuts ranging from sweet to savory. The assortment contains special flavors like chocolate-covered chopped bacon, maple fudge, vanilla creme, and strawberry fudge. There is also limited-edition Valentine's Day themed options, with love sprinkles and candied roses.

Along with the Box of Chocolates doughnuts assortment, you can buy a Valentine's Day Love Shake or Sweetheart Sundae. The Love Shake features strawberry, chocolate drizzle, love sprinkles and whipped cream of course. As for the Sweetheart Sundae, it's made with a warm, vanilla cake donut with strawberry icing mixed in with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and love sprinkles.

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