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7 Dryer Sheet Hacks To Use for Everything But Drying Clothes

Your dryer sheets aren't just for reducing static cling in your laundry and softening your clothes after they've made the rounds in your washing machine. Indeed, there are plenty of ways to use dryer sheets outside of your laundry room and they might just change your cleaning habits and give you other ideas for your household and lifestyle. There is actually quite a lot of dryer sheet hacks out there, and we narrowed down a few of them for you to try out before you toss them in the trash can.

1. Replace car air fresheners

You can use new dryer sheets to replace car air fresheners. Just put them in the air vents or tucked under your seats and you're good to go!

2. Clean off soap scum

You can use used dryer sheets to clean soap scum build-up and smudges off of surfaces like glass shower doors or stubborn stains or watermarks on faucets. This will help you save paper towels you might usually turn to instead.

3. Deodorant for furniture

A simple cleaning hack for your furniture involves dryer sheets, baking soda, and water. Dissolve a teaspoon or so of the baking soda in warm water, then dip the dryer sheet in. Use the sheet to scrub at the furniture, then let it dry and vacuum. Viola! A cleaning tip anyone can use.

4. Dust your computer screen

Dryer sheets can be used to dust off electronics like your computer screen.

5. Freshen up a space

You can put a dryer sheet in your toilet paper roll to freshen up your bathroom or stick them in your dresser drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh. Imagine putting one of them under your clothes then opening your dresser the next morning to that lovely smell!

6. Clean off baseboards and ceiling fans

You can also clean the dust off of your baseboards with dryer sheets. These work well for ceiling fan blades, too!

7. Clean paintbrushes

Finally, a dryer sheet hack that might be used more by artists than anyone else is to place one in warm water to clean off paintbrushes. (Someone doing home renovations might appreciate this life hack, too!) According to Buzzfeed, it helps get caked on paint out of the bristles.

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