This Map Shows What Each State Eats After a Few Too Many Drinks

It's an unwritten rule that consuming large amounts of alcohol results in eating a lot of fast food. Drinking alcohol, especially in large amounts, increases one's appetite, and what's better than a midnight snack?

Of course, there are drunk food staples like nachos and mozzarella sticks, as well as anything greasy and fried. In the US, there are a ton of fast-food restaurants for drunk people to choose from when the late-night cravings hit. We consulted to find each state's favorite drunk fast food. It's not shocking that certain regions of the country have preferences for their fast food joint after a night of drinking.

Restaurants that didn't have late-night hours were excluded from the findings. Restaurants that made healthier food like subs and veggies were also excluded. The results were determined by determining people's favorite drunk fast food combined with which restaurants see the largest numbers of intoxicated customers.

Which Fast Food Restaurants Reign Supreme?


Cheeseburgers and french fries seem to be the best-drunk food based on where people chose to go for their cravings. McDonald's took the top spot, with 22 states choosing the glowing golden arches for their favorite fast-food chain.

Burger King came in a close second, with 14 states choosing them for their drunk cravings. Burger King appears to be more popular in the coastal states, like New York, Oregon, Washington, and Maine.

The Southern States, like Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina all chose Waffle House as their restaurant of choice. This isn't too shocking considering Waffle House is known for serving greasy breakfast 24/7. Waffle House's breakfast chain competitor, Denny's, only won over Hawaii for the restaurant of choice.

Taco Bell has an entire late night munchie menu, but only one state chose it as their drunk food favorite. Wyoming was the only state to choose the Mexican-inspired fast food joint. Many people swear by Taco Bell's quesadillas, crunch-wrap supremes, and burritos to fill their tummies before hitting the hay.

Only Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona showed love for Jack in the Box. Wendy's also scored low with only Montana, Mississippi, Ohio, and West Virginia crowning them drive-thru of choice.

California and Texas showed loyalty to their home-grown brands, choosing In-N-Out and Whataburger as their favorite drunk fast food stops.

This list doesn't encompass every fast food, like some local hot spots and hidden gems. No matter where you go for your cravings, be sure to put something in your stomach to absorb all the alcohol. We can't guarantee it'll help with any hangover symptoms, but it doesn't hurt to try.

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