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10 Drool-Worthy Instagrams for Southern Food Lovers

In the South, we don't eat to live, we live to eat.

Southern food is a way of life handed down from generation to generation. There are new and old favorites; some intrepid cooks adjust or combine recipes to create new dishes, and within families, methods and cookbooks can remain unchanged for decades.

Southern food culture is unlike food culture in other parts of the country due to the melting pot of influences from so many different foreign cultures as well as the creative cuisine that can only arise from poverty, hardship and sacrifice.

10. thesouthernladycooks

Judy Yeager of The Southern Lady Cooks has created a delectable Instagram to accompany her blog and cookbook of the same name. Yeager's Kentucky roots come through in her Southern home-style cooking, and it all comes across in vivid color on Instagram.

9. Elenabrent


Oh heck yes. A photo posted by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr (@elenabrent) on

North Carolina born food writer Elena Brent Rosemond-Hoerr of Biscuits and Such is a photographer and food blogger. Elena's Instagram is filled with glorious images of her creations, and if you like that, you should really check out her blog.

8. Chrishastings00

The Owner and Executive Chef of Hot & Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Ala. fills his Instagram with gourmet dishes, football tailgate spreads and delicious cocktails, just like any Southern gentleman should. If that's not enough reason, you've gotta respect someone who shoots his own fowl and then turns it into something like this.

7. deepsouthdish


Mary Foreman of Deep South Dish is so genuine and approachable that she could be your next door neighbor or your mom. Check out the story of how Hurricane Katrina influenced her decision to begin blogging about food. Foreman was near the age of 50 and had already had a successful 20 years in the legal profession. While her Instagram isn't as curated as some of the bloggers who are also photographers, the recipes are never lacking.

6. Southernfoodways

The Southern Foodways Alliance is working to catalog and preserve the food culture of the American South. Based at the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi, the Southern Foodways Alliance posts about new southern food restaurants as well as historical southern methods and famous chefs.

5. syrupandbiscuits


Get the recipe for Buttermilk Scalloped Potatoes and learn about Family Promise. New on the blog. #familypromise #southernfood A photo posted by Jackie Garvin's Syrup&Biscuits (@syrupandbiscuits) on

Jackie Garvin's Instagram is as Southern as a church picnic, and twice as tempting. The social media portion of Garvin's Syrup & Biscuits blog is filled with all kinds of traditional Southern food that will make you hungry!

4. Food4southsoul

Maybe this was Friday, which seemed like Sunday, so appropriate to post today. #happynewyear #bloodymary #pickledokra

A photo posted by Food For The Southern Soul (@food4southsoul) on

Food for the Southern Soul is the passion of Charleston, S.C. caterer Jimmy Hagood. Hagood's mouthwatering foods adorn his Instagram account along with his unique canned goods and original spices and sauces.

3. homesicktexan


The Homesick Texan test kitchen smells like cornbread. A photo posted by Lisa Fain (@homesicktexan) on

Lisa Fain, better known as the Homesick Texan, is a Texan who lives in New York, wistfully blogging about Southern food. On Fain's Instagram you'll find incredible images of food that is so familiar to Texans, such as enchiladas, queso and Frito pie, just to name a few.

2. southernbite

Stacey Little of Southern Bite posts recipes every week on his blog, and his Instagram is no less delicious!

1. thepioneerwoman


Ree Drummond lives, cooks and blogs on a working ranch in Oklahoma. Her blog and cookbook (which was a New York Times bestseller) has earned her a TV show on the Food Network, named, you guessed it, The Pioneer Woman. Her Instagram is absolutely stuffed with delicious looking Southern food.

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10 Drool-Worthy Instagrams for Southern Food Lovers