Watch This Adorable Toddler Sing Midland's 'Drinking Problem'

While some sad-sack parents (like yours truly) are stuck listening to the Wiggles on repeat, one lucky parent gets to listen to the adorable version of Midland's hit single "Drinking Problem"

I don't know whose baby this is, but she's got a real future ahead of her in... probably anything she wants, because I can't recall the last time I saw something as adorable as this video.

The clip shows a sweet little toddler girl in the back seat of her parent's car as "Drinking Problem" comes on. She starts singing along and doesn't miss a note. Cuteness level: Kittens snuggling with baby ducklings.

She may not know all the words, but the stumbling over the lyrics just makes it that much cuter. I especially love the pink sippy cup in her lap, I see no drinking problem either, kid.

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Watch This Adorable Toddler Sing Midland's 'Drinking Problem'