Dream Job Alert: Professional Panda Cuddler Wanted


Quit your job now. This is not a drill. We’ve found your dream job — professional panda hugger. This really exists and it is as amazing as you’re thinking it is.

The Giant Panda Protection and Research Center is looking for a full-time panda hugger and nanny to bond with the animals. The yearly salary of $32,000 is nothing to scoff at either. I would spend the rest of my life living with pandas for free, but money is a nice perk.

The job description, as reported in the Chinadaily paper, is as dreamy as you’d image.

“Your work has only one mission. Spending 365 days with the pandas and sharing in their joys and sorrows. You need perseverance for this job. We expect that the applicants will be mainly white-collar workers from big cities. They are used to eating whatever they want, but inside the giant panda base, the choices will not be plentiful.”

Okay, so you won’t be eating chicken parmesan and drinking champagne on the daily, but you’ll be spooning with pandas, so does it really matter? If you’re looking to apply, you’ll need to move to China, be at least 22-years old and have some previous working knowledge of pandas.

The job provides you with a free SUV and room and board. I guess they aren’t joking when they say you’ll be spending 365 days with these beautiful fur babies.

Check out this video of a professional panda nanny doing what they do best — cuddling with panda cubs.


Ready to quit your job and move to China yet?

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Dream Job Alert: Professional Panda Cuddler Wanted