This Dramatic 'Nashville' Teaser Will Have You on the Edge of Your Seat

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'Nashville' officially makes the move to CMT in January, but fans can now get a taste of the new season a few weeks early. The series just released a short teaser highlighting whats to come in the beloved country music drama.

Throughout the clip, you can see the show's characters reflect on the previous season and look towards the future. While their characters' pasts still haunt them, you can clearly see how they are hanging onto the hope their futures promise them.

As Connie Britton's character, Rayna Jaymes, states in the video, "Every moment led me here, to you, to my heart, to Nashville." Check out the dramatic teaser below.

The fifth season of Nashville will premiere Jan. 5, 2017 on CMT. You can also follow the show by checking out the hashtag #NashvilleCMT for updates.

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Earlier this year, the beloved series returned from cancellation after an outcry from fans on social media. This year, Nashville creators say there will be more of a focus on the music instead of dramatic plot lines. If you don't have access to CMT, you can stream episodes on Hulu instantly the day after they air.

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This Dramatic 'Nashville' Teaser Will Have You on the Edge of Your Seat