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The Dr Pepper Shake Has Arrived

Root Beer floats are so yesterday.

At least that's what Burger King is hoping you'll think after you try one of the newest additions to their menu, the Dr Pepper Shake.

As if the picture on their website alone isn't enough to tempt you into heading to your nearest Burger King, the description that comes along with it will. "A smooth, rich and creamy treat hand spun to perfection with the one of a kind flavor of Dr Pepper."

Burger King Website
Burger King

A winning combination like that seems like a good excuse to make any time "Dr Pepper Time."

The Dr Pepper Shake is one of a slew of items Burger King has added to their menu so far in 2016, but if you want to give the shake your own taste test you better hurry before time runs out. The fast food chain announced that the shake will only be available for a limited time.

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The Dr Pepper Shake Has Arrived