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Dr Pepper Cherry Dessert Topper is Here To Add 23 Flavors To Ice Cream

This is an important Public Service Announcement for every Dr Pepper drinker out there. Have you ever scooped out a bowl of plain vanilla ice cream and asked yourself, "How can I make this ice cream sundae less boring?". If the answer is yes, then do we have good news for you. Dr Pepper Cherry Dessert Topper is here to save your vanilla ice cream woes and it tastes exactly like the soda.

Dr Pepper fans will be sure to recognize that the dessert syrup mimics the taste of Dr Pepper Cherry, which was released about ten years ago after the brand released Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla and it's limited release of Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper. Thick like chocolate syrup, the cherry syrup features the smooth taste of Dr Pepper Cherry without having to open a can.

Dr. Pepper Dessert Topping 12 Oz Bottle

Amazingly smooth, this naturally and artificially flavored syrup is the perfect topping for your favorite desserts. Simply squeeze a drizzle from the no mess cap and enjoy the sweet side of one of Texas' favorite soft drinks. 

According to Amazon, the product is made with high fructose corn syrup, natural and artificial flavors, salt, polysorbate 60 (which is an emulsifier) and sodium benzoate, which acts as a preservative.

The reviews are stunning and Dr Pepper fans can agree it's the perfect addition to any dessert you make. Lindsay D. shares her review: "Bought this for my husband along with some other DP brand items for a themed Bday party. I honestly didn't expect him to like it, it was just an extra item to go along with the theme. Boy was I wrong, He Loves It! He is a die hard Dr. Pepper fan and he said it taste great poured over vanilla ice cream."

But don't just take our word for it, try it out for yourself.

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