Dr. Oz Proves His Credentials Saving Man on Flight
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Dr. Oz Proves His Credentials Saving Man on Flight

It's really easy to think Dr. Oz is much closer to a talking head on your TV than he is an actual doctor. I mean, how else would we know? He's not on his show saving lives, reading vital signs. He's much more inclined to tell us how we should alter our diets and evaluate some of our lifestyle choices. However, the doctor definitely quieted any skepticism of his credentials. Recently, he put his medical skills to the test.

While thousands of feet in the air, a man on a flight to Mexico suffered a terrifying health scare. Dr. Oz catches wind of this issue and treats him accordingly. TMZ captures him in action, tending to the man as he drifts in and out of consciousness throughout the flight from New York to Cabo San Lucas.

Oz confirms all of this when speaking to TMZ after the plane landed. He was on his way to a wedding when flight attendants were desperately scrambling for help. Naturally, the doctor springs into action.

How Did Dr. Oz Help The Man on The Flight?

Dr. Oz breaks down his best plan of action for the gentleman on the flight and how he's recovering. "[A] middle-aged healthy man lost consciousness and we did usual triage with physical exam and vital signs. After oxygen, OJ and time, he recovered and needs to have a detailed evaluation with his local physician," he says.

He details how the man had low blood sugar and that explains the fainting he was enduring. With some orange juice and some oxygen, the man eventually gets better and makes it through the rest of the flight. Out of the kindness of his heart, Dr. Oz also reveals he gave him his number in case a similar issue arises after they land.

Apparently, this isn't the first time Dr. Oz has pulled something like this off. Back in 2021, another man collapses with no pulse at an airport in Newark, New Jersey. Naturally, Oz bursts into action like he did on the plane, busting out his defibrillator and saving his life.

That should be the last time we ever second guess Dr. Oz's credentials!