Dozens of Fans Arrested and Hospitalized at Kenny Chesney Concert

Dozens of fans were arrested and hospitalized at a Kenny Chesney concert in Pittsburgh this weekend. Chesney played to a huge football stadium full of people, but a good number of people didn’t get to finish the show.

According to Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay, 25 fans were taken to the hospital by ambulance. 37 concertgoers in all went to the hospital, while another 99 were treated at the stadium by emergency services working at Heinz Field.

And that doesn’t include the arrests — seven fans were arrested at the concert, all for alcohol-fueled violence. An additional seven received citations for minor offenses. There were also 36 cases of underage drinking and drug possession.

Pretty much everybody who needed medical assistance drank too much. Dehydration and alcohol-related accidents were the primary culprits.

The whole ordeal is a flashback to years past, when drunken misconduct seemed like an epidemic at large, mostly outdoor, mostly “bro country” country concerts.

Fans weren’t the only ones getting trashed, either. More than 48 tons of garbage was left in the parking lot alone. Some fans had to actually wade through shin-high piles of garbage to get to their cars. Pictures of the trash flooded social media.

Chesney has been mum on the whole ordeal since leaving Pittsburgh. His Spread The Love Tour is hitting up football stadiums across America, bringing Miranda Lambert, Sam Hunt and Old Dominion in tow.

Chesney calls his fan base the “No Shoes Nation,” and it’s the closest thing we have to modern day “Parrotheads,” the Jimmy Buffett fans who revel in the concept of a care-free lifestyle. Though Parrotheads probably wouldn’t have trashed Pittsburgh like the No Shoes Nation.

It’s not the first time Chesney fans have left a trail of trash and mug shots in their wake. Similar carnage occurred when Chesney played at Heinz field in 2013, too.

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Dozens of Fans Arrested and Hospitalized at Kenny Chesney Concert