Dozens Arrested After Police Raid Luke Bryan Concert

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Upstate New York is taking matters into its own hands when it comes to underage drinking. Police arrested nearly 100 people in the last week after raiding two concerts. That includes a July 28 Luke Bryan concert in Canandaigua, NY.

In total, police nabbed 29 people for underage drinking. They call it Operation Prevent, and as you may have guessed, the goal is to prevent stuff like this. In addition to cracking down on drinking, the program targets fake I.D. manufacturers.

Last year, the program caught more than 750 people all year at big events like concerts. If you think police are being a buzzkill, just consider how bad big country concerts have gotten.

The Washington Post ran an article called "Violence, Tragedy, Mass Arrests: What Is Going On At Country Music Concerts This Summer?" That was in 2014, a year before Operation Prevent began.

The article details the increasing cases of rape, violence and accidental deaths at shows. Alcohol played a factor in nearly all of the cases, including underage drinking.

The problem is a lot of this happens in the parking lots before shows, too. So police have to be extra vigilant at shows in detecting drunken behavior and who is trying to take it too far.

It's an unfortunate, but necessary, case of protecting people from themselves. Luke Bryan hasn't made any official comment on the recent arrests.

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Dozens Arrested After Police Raid Luke Bryan Concert